Our little lady is 9 months old.  Actually, she turned 9 months old two weeks ago. We’ve been so busy running after her that I’m just now getting a moment to stop and reflect upon the past 6 weeks.

The most striking thing about the past 6 weeks has been the way Mackenzie has started interacting with us. She is so silly and playful.  Her crawling is lightening fast; she loves to chase and be chased – especially if you threaten tickling.  One of her favourite things is to make a break for it, going after something she knows she isn’t supposed to have, so that we have to jump up and chase her.  Last weekend, she climbed off of Andrew’s lap during story time and made a break for the bathroom, so that she could stand up against the bathtub and pound the side. It’s a metal tub and she loves the noise it makes.

Mackenzie’s love of music is flourishing. At Grandma’s, she loves to stand up against the shelf the stereo sits on, so that she can dance in time with the music.  She has learned how to crank up the volume, which puts such a huge smile on her face.  Sometimes when I’m driving with her in the car, she’ll complain if the music isn’t loud enough.  I can tell if she especially likes a song; she’ll go nuts kicking her legs wildly. I can hear her feet thump against the backseat. It’s hilarious.  Most recently, she’s started going nuts whenever Lil Jon’s “Turn Down the What” comes on the radio.

Our little miss has impeccable taste.  She definitely lets us know if there’s something she does not like.  If she doesn’t like something, she yells, “Bap! Bap! Bap!”  I was driving with her last week when Miley Cyrus came in the radio. Suddenly I heard a little voice from the back seat: “Bap! Bap! Bap!”

Here’s a quick peek at this month’s stats:



The most beautiful thing about my little daughter is her love for people.  Wherever I take her, she makes friends.  I can’t make it down the aisle at the grocery store without her yelling, “Hi!” to everyone she passes.  If she especially likes the look of someone, she’ll wave too.  If someone doesn’t acknowledge her in return, she’ll yell, “Hiya!” louder and louder until the person looks at her. What a little extrovert!

Kenzie loves animals too.  Last week, my Mum and I took her to Fort Langley for a picnic.  The Fort has added a petting zoo, and she loved the chickens, bunnies, sheep, and goats.  She was particularly eager to wriggle from my arms so that she could try to crawl into the goat pen.  I thought it was so funny that she shares my love of baby goats.

In the coming weeks, we’re anticipating further attempts at walking.  Kenzie has let go of furniture and taken a step or two. She’s getting increasingly bold and confident, it’s only a matter of time before her balance gets good enough for her to take off.