1932674_10203324224723412_577757020_o8 months have passed since Mackenzie joined our family. 8 startlingly short months, somehow made up of long days and longer nights. It’s surreal to look at her and realize she’s been earth-side for the best part of a year. Yet, it feels like she’s just always been a part of everything. I cannot imagine our lives without her.

She celebrated 8 months with another milestone: cutting her first tooth. It was an exhausting, agonizing process. It seems like she was born teething; I can’t think of a time she wasn’t poking at her gums and drooling. We put on her amber necklace when she was about a month old and instantly noticed a difference in her mood. Suffice it to say that this little tooth has been a long time coming and we celebrated by taking a trip to the mall to pick out a new toy. Of course the one she liked best played music.

Our Little Miss has music in her heart and rhythm in her feet. She loves music – the louder and bassier, the better. Really, any music will do, but she has a couple of choice favourites. This morning she freaked over The Proclaimer’s “Five Hundred Miles.” Yesterday’s afternoon nap was brought on by the wails of Steven Tyler and shredding guitar solos. And hands down, her favourite song is Lorde’s “Royals.” When she hears a song she loves, she bobs her head in time with the music and starts to bounce with it until her whole body is moving to the beat. It’s the most incredible thing to watch. This kid was born to dance!


Kenzie is now pulling herself up with one hand, just desperate to walk. A few times she’s tried to let go of a table or bookcase, only to fall and bump her head or nose, but she’s not at all deterred from continuing. She will be walking in no time. In the meanwhile, she’s cruising around like a champ.

And by far the funniest thing to witness is her ongoing love affair with our vacuum. She loves the vacuum. If I have it out, she’ll gravitate towards it determined to get her hands on it. Yesterday, she was in her walker and she managed to somehow pull it down on herself. Three times.  Pinned down by the object of her affection, she seemed perfectly content. If I’m vacuuming, she’ll try to ram into it; I have the cuts on my heels from sudden walker impact at ramming speed.  I’m not sure how to handle this, since vacuuming is one chore I can actually get done while she’s awake. But I’m not sure how much more my heels can take.

Most of all, we’re enjoying her blossoming personality. Kenzie is so outgoing and playful. She loves to giggle and initiate peek-a-book.  We can’t take her anywhere without her adopting random old men as additional grandpas. And the way she babbles and sings to herself makes my day.  She is such a joy and we feel so blessed to watch as she discovers the world.