We’re quickly approaching the conclusion of M’s first year. June was a month of many milestones, so we’ve been a bit too busy to post an update. By we, I mean Mackenzie and me. Because she has barely given me a moment of rest with her busyness. And I went back to work three weeks ago.

The biggest milestone we’ve hit is walking. With confidence.  I’m cheating a little because it has only been in the past 3 or 4 days that she has felt confident enough to stand in the middle of a room to walk to whatever she wants, without hovering near furniture or grasping for someone’s hand. However, for the past few weeks, she’s been content to toddle along, holding on to only a pinky for balance.  She’s been to the aquarium twice since my last update, and both times she’s walked most of it with only a hand to hold.  We’ve spent the past couple of days starting to play chasing games. Although, Mackenzie usually decides crawling is a more efficient means of escape and will drop to her knees and bolt if you catch up to her.

Last week we mastered straw drinking.  I’m sure her motivation was to finally get something out of mama’s Starbucks cup. Since I was drinking iced tea, I wasn’t quick to snatch my drink away, and bam! Just like that, we have a straw drinker!  Subsequently, she’s done well with straws, but she’s particularly motivated if we spike her water with a splash of juice. She might just have a sweet tooth to rival Andrew’s.

Kenzie has also decided to stop eating baby food. By baby food, I mean anything that is mushy, shapeless, or liquid-like.  Goodbye yoghurt. I’m sorry soup. Mashed potatoes? Are you kidding, mom? On the plus side, she has stopped insisting that she feed herself (again, opting for the most efficient means possible: mom wielding fork). She ditched her aversion to pasta (thank goodness), so now I don’t have to come up with things to feed her if Andrew and I want spaghetti or lasagna.

As always, the most striking thing about our little lady is her sassy disposition. More and more, her personality is shining through. It’s incredible to watch. If she doesn’t like something – a person, being corrected, or a food – she’ll blow a raspberry.  Right in your face.  This usually plays out in a humorous fashion…

Me: [lifts spoonful of yoghurt to her mouth]
Mackenzie: pfffftrrrrrrr [thusly splattering everything with yoghurt]
Me: No, lovey! Don’t spray your yoghurt!
Mackenzie: pffffbrrrruffffttssssplat [giggle]
Me: That’s not a nice way to talk to mama!
Mackenzie:  ya! ya! ya! mumum! pffrrupptpllblah

When you look in her eyes there is no doubt that she’s trying to sass you. And it’s so hard not to laugh, because it’s adorable.  And funny. But it won’t be funny a year from now, so we’re working on it – as much as one can work on the behaviour of an eleven month old.

Usually, her personality manifests itself in positive ways. I love watching her tenacity. If she wants something out of her reach, she will drag whatever box or toy is necessary to build a step.  If something fascinates her, she’ll spend ages trying to figure it out.

She has a great sense of humour. She has a natural knack for comic timing, and she knows just the right moment to babble in the exact right tone to get a laugh.  We have a charming little comedian on our hands.