Afghan Government Seizes Control of Women’s Shelters

The Afghan government is cracking down on shelters for abused women. Humanitarian organizations fund and run the shelters, which play a vital role in the lives of women escaping abusive situations. One such shelter housed the now-famous runaway child-bride, Bibi Aisha, who covered Time last year. Aisha and countless women like her face forced marriage during childhood and suffer public flogging, mutilation, and death. These independent shelters are lifelines for women desperate to build a new life for themselves and their children.

Unfortunately, the awareness Aisha’s story raised has caused massive backlash from conservative government factions, reports the New York Times. Extremist Taliban leaders are making moves to close shelters entirely. They feel they encourage runaways and want to hide the humiliation caused by growing awareness of women’s issues. Other conservative figures want to seize the shelters and…
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Rape in US Military is on the Rise; Veteran’s Group Takes Action.

In 2009, Katie Couric released a provocative piece on the rise of sexual assault within the US military. Couric found that in 2006, there were more than 2,900 sexual assaults occurred within the US military; in those cases, less than ten percent of the accused faced prosecution. Despite a military review and investigation, the prevalence of rape and assault is spreading, and the measures taken thus far have been ineffective.

The lack-luster response to this crisis was the creation of a two-tiered system of report. Women (and men) who have suffered sexual abuse can now seek medical aid or counseling without fear that their care providers will report the assault to their superior officers. This is a response to the most twisted part of the crisis: most of the assault victims are afraid, not of repercussions from their abusers, but of the repercussions they will receive from […]

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New Writing Gig!

Exciting news: I just started blogging for  I’m excited to have a place to engage with the women’s issues that interest me most. I’ll post excerpts here as I contribute.

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