Working From Home Is Easy. And Other Misconceptions.

Last week, I took M to the office on a work-from-home day.  I needed to grab a few things and check in with a couple of coworkers because I had called in sick the previous day. I set-up M at my desk with our tablet, and I remarkably managed to get some work done.

“It must be so easy to work from home,” My coworker said.  She glanced over my shoulder at my silent, angelic child, who sat at my desk watching Yo Gabba Gabba and pretending to type on an unplugged keyboard.

Words cannot express the 5 million visceral, animalistic gut reactions I had to suppress. I’m pretty sure she thought I gagged. There was some full-body spasm that escaped me – I guarantee it. I was lost somewhere between hysterical laughter and the tears of defeat.  Nothing about working from home is easy.  Nothing.  And obviously my coworker was unaware that this […]

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Workplace Bullying


On Tuesday, Andrew complained that he had to spend over an hour in a mandatory Worksafe BC seminar about workplace bullying.  Apparently, every workplace in BC has to put a workplace bullying plan in to effect. Ya know, so that when the kids all gang up on you at lunch, there’s someone to tattle to.  This involves spending billable hours (on the company’s dime!) in the aforementioned seminar.

Andrew works as a software developer. Most of the people he works with are software developers.  Do you really  think that it’s necessary to herd all the software developers into a room to tell them not to bully each other?

Apparently, Big City Church, where I work, is also mandated to hold one of these seminars at some point. Because there is such a systematic problem with Pastors bullying each other?

More importantly, since when is it necessary to herd grown adults into a room to […]

Oh, Rats!

Our building has a rat infestation.  There. I said it. I hadn’t wanted to say it because it’s disgusting. But I needed to get it off my chest.

We. Have. Rats.

Thus far, the rats haven’t actually ventured into our unit, but during the past few nights it sounds like a few of the rats have been staging UFC fights in the ceiling above our bed. It’s seriously unsettling. With some of our neighbours, this really isn’t surprising. Strata has apparently had an exterminator out to deal with our unwelcome visitors, but I’m not seeing results.

I’ve always been a little edgy about rats. When I was a very small child, my granddad told me that rats eat the toes off of bad children while they sleep.  Not particularly surprising. This was the same grandparent that explained – in blunt, terrifying terms – how a surgeon would use the bone saw on display at museum […]

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In Which I Am Rendered Speechless

Sometimes – very occasionally – I’m rendered speechless.  It doesn’t happen particularly often because I tend to form and express opinions very quickly.  When I am left speechless, with absolutely no coherent thoughts to express, it’s usually a sign that what I’ve encountered is completely mind boggling, even to someone with a wild imagination.

Today, I was speechless.

My mom and I decided to grab a bite of lunch and take Mackenzie for a walk at Crescent Beach. While we were waiting for our usual beachfront lunch spot to open, a couple from Gracepoint walked past. When everything went to hell in a hand basket at Gracepoint, this couple actually showed up at my parent’s doorstep to apologize for how wrongly we had been treated. As far as we knew, these people liked us and were on good terms with us.  They literally brought my parents honey as a token of affection […]

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Confession: Today I Murdered a Traffic Cone

For a long time I wondered how so many traffic cones could end up crushed and flattened.  What kind of idiot hits a traffic cone?  And what kind of criminal just speeds off and leaves the cone in his or her wake?

Me.  I am that idiot.  I am that criminal.

I live in White Rock.  And White Rock is saturated with retirees.

I don’t mean retirees like my grandparents – the kind that live in Florida, have a swimming pool in their backyard, adopt second careers in their golden years, volunteer their free time in the community, remain engaged and active.  I mean the kind like The Smoker who lived, and then eventually died, down the hallway from us – the kind that use walkers; move at a snails pace; look constantly overwhelmed, lost, and terrified.  The kind that should probably have a little less independence because they just can’t make safe […]

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