Back to Work

Once I parked my car in a gravel lot, just as it started to rain. Once it had rained for a while, a critical eye might have noticed the lot was a bit a lot more mud than gravel. I didn’t notice until I got in my car and tried to back out. I had a horrifying moment, when I realized I had been stuck.  My tires spun for a moment, then I got traction and was hurled back into motion. Funny how it wasn’t until that violent jolt, finally gaining traction and momentum, that I fully understood that I had been stuck.

Going back to work has made me realize that I was a bit stuck. Depressed? Blue? A slight bout of postpartum? Who knows. In any case, going back to work has been like that violent, pivotal moment that my tires got traction and I started moving again. Oh my gosh, I was […]

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A Plus-Size Disney Princess Is Not What We Need

Brace yourself, I’m going to voice some pretty unpopular opinions here.

I recently read an article praising a teenage girl who has garnered 11,000 signatures for her petition for a plus-size Disney princess.  And I think it’s the wrong approach to teaching little girls about body image.

Before you get hot and bothered about how politically incorrect I may come across, let me explain where I’m coming from.

I was a fat kid – complete with chipmunk cheeks, a bad case of the roly-polies, and a closet full of clothes whose size tags were appended with the word plus. I’ll never forget how I felt when, after several years, I realized that the plus that followed my dress size – which was sometimes bigger than average to begin with – didn’t mean that the clothes were made with something special or were better quality.  Plus  didn’t mean anything about the clothes. Plus meant my size. It […]

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You Are What You Read: A Slightly Irritated Rant

Literary appreciation is a large part of my life philosophy. I could wax eloquently about the importance of early literacy and my emotional connection with literature through the years, but I’m pretty sure most of you would only hear something akin to the disembodied voice of the Peanuts’ gang’s school teacher.  I do want to preface tonight’s rant by saying this: I think every book you read becomes a part of you – you carry it with you. So, in many ways, you are what you read.

I plan to be very careful about the reading materials that come in contact with Mackenzie.  I know that what she reads will become a big part of her. I don’t want her to read fluff and nonsense (sorry, Dr. Seuss with all your fantastical made up words).  I don’t want her to pick up subtle biases, a damsel in distress complex, and so […]

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I have 11 more work days before beginning my maternity leave.  And I have mixed feelings about that.

On a basic level, I’m thrilled.  There is nothing  worse than sitting in traffic, trying to get home for two hours, with a little ninja practicing roundhouse kicks on your bladder in between Braxton Hicks contractions.  (Okay, I can think of one thing worse: attempting to shave your legs with a blunt razor while massively pregnant and having Braxton Hicks contractions).  The commute in and out of Vancouver takes up 2-4 hours of my day and it’s exhausting. It’s also screwing up my back in pretty serious ways. Recently, dinner has been increasingly comprised of flavorless processed garbage. With exception to our weekly Wendy’s dinners; Wendy’s is tasty, flavorful processed garbage.

Last night is a great example of why I’m thrilled to be done with work.  I got home at 7:45 after sitting in […]

In Defense of Barbie

Barbie gets a bad rap.  She’s accused of selling little girls unattainable dreams, sullying self-worth with an impossible physique, and propagating oppressive gender roles. People, we’re giving far too much credit to an eleven and a half inch doll.  Barbie doesn’t sell ideals to little girls. I think Barbie is a canvas upon which girls can cast their own dreams. Barbie lets little girls try on different hats and role play in ways that are far more flexible than any other toy.

Over the past several decades, Barbie has evolved beyond being a baking aficionado with big, back-combed hair to embrace just about any dream a girl could have.

Arctic Rescue Barbie is a hero. She’s in control.  She’s the one that’s sent to help:


Astronaut Barbie defies stereotypes and shows a strong woman in the scientific field:


Track star Barbie is a professional athlete:


Barbie is no longer a flight attendant; she’s in the […]

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Confession: Sometimes I Just Want to Be Pregnant and Barefoot in My Kitchen

When I first started throwing around the f-word, a lot of people I knew were pretty horrified.  Feminism is a dirty word in Christian circles. But as a young woman exploring my gender identity, it was a label I wanted to try on for size. Test drive it. Kick the tires a little.  Ultimately, I decided that I would use the word feminism sparingly because people’s preconceived notions of feminism were just too damning to allow for a good conversation about gender roles.  Generally, I do consider myself a feminist.

Now that I’ve scheduled my maternity leave, I’ve been pondering my gender identity again.  When Andrew and I got married, we had planned to wait several years before expanding our family.  I was looking forward to building a career and living a more self-absolved sort of life.  But then I started working in a downtown office at a great career building […]

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28 Weeks

Today I am 28 weeks pregnant, and our little person could make a grand entrance at any point 9 weeks from now.  Of course it would be better if she decided to wait another 12 weeks before joining us, but it will really be up to her. And let me tell you, she’s going to join us when she’s good and ready and not a moment earlier or later – no matter what I have to say about the matter.

As we finish preparing for her arrival, I find that I’m torn between moments of excitement and those of trepidation.  I don’t want to wait 12 weeks more to meet this incredible little person that has been my constant companion for months. I feel like I already know her, but I want to see the curves of her face and to count her toes. I want to know if she has […]

Rage Against the Machine, Part 2

I have a long history of turbulent relationships with vacuum cleaners.

I hoped this would be an awkward stage I’d grow out of. Sort of like when I had bangs and braces. Or when I thought I’d grow up to be a pop singer.

No such luck.

I hate vacuuming, so I don’t do it very often.  One of the last times I vacuumed, I couldn’t understand why the blasted beast wasn’t picking up more crumbs from our hardwood.  It has a hardwood function, so it wasn’t like I had asked the vacuum to go above and beyond the call of duty. I double checked that phasers were set to stun and vacuum was set to hardwood. There was no reasonable explanation for the fact our vacuum refused to cooperate.  Then I checked the waste canister to see if it was too full.

The vacuum released a spiteful cloud of dust, which sent […]

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If You Give a Mouse a Cookie…

I feel like being pregnant is a lot like the children’s book If You Give a Mouse a Cookie.

The book is about a little boy who gives a mouse a cookie. Mice really shouldn’t have cookies, the cookie is probably really bad for the mouse, and the cookie is almost the same size as the mouse, so you would think that the mouse would just be grateful that someone gave him a damn cookie. Nope.  The little ingrate wants a glass of milk to go with a cookie, a mirror to make sure he doesn’t get a milk mustache, nail scissors to trim his mustache, a broom to sweep up his ‘stache clippings, a pre-nap story, a picture to color, a fridge to put the picture on, and a glass of milk because the refrigerator makes him thirsty.  And, of course, what would milk be without a cookie?

The mouse is […]

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My cousin is a Disney Princess. And so is his fiance.

My cousin D is visiting from Florida, and his wonderful fiance joined us for several days of his trip.  C is a complete sweetheart. She’s a real-life Disney Princess; she plays Cinderella at DisneyWorld!  It was inevitable that conversation would turn to D’s childhood at some point. I planned to be tactful (for instance, omitting D’s paralyzing childhood fear of pigeons), but since D encouraged complete and brutal honesty, we spent a good time laughing at his idiosyncrasies.


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