In Which I Am Rendered Speechless

Sometimes – very occasionally – I’m rendered speechless.  It doesn’t happen particularly often because I tend to form and express opinions very quickly.  When I am left speechless, with absolutely no coherent thoughts to express, it’s usually a sign that what I’ve encountered is completely mind boggling, even to someone with a wild imagination.

Today, I was speechless.

My mom and I decided to grab a bite of lunch and take Mackenzie for a walk at Crescent Beach. While we were waiting for our usual beachfront lunch spot to open, a couple from Gracepoint walked past. When everything went to hell in a hand basket at Gracepoint, this couple actually showed up at my parent’s doorstep to apologize for how wrongly we had been treated. As far as we knew, these people liked us and were on good terms with us.  They literally brought my parents honey as a token of affection […]

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This year, I was really excited for Fall.  I even bought new boots and a chunky cardigan to prove it. I planned to embrace fall in all of it’s crunchy-leaved, thick-sweatered, pumpkin-spiciness.  This is sort of a big deal, as I’ve never really liked Fall.  Maybe McDreamy is right; it may be as simple as feeling freedom from the back to school blues.  But I think a lot of it had to do with feeling like I would be part of the harvest cycle.

The world around us has an incredible, cyclical nature: plant, grow, harvest.  In this part of the world, we’re constantly confronted by it. As a people planted by pioneers, we grow up thinking that grit, hard work, and determination will be enough to reap a great harvest.  We’re taught that hard work guarantees a pay off that we’ll reap in some tangible way: getting into a great […]

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How Much Do You Value Your Church?

One of the things that I found most infuriating about working at a church was the lack of value the congregation placed upon the services they were receiving.  Unfortunately, most people don’t buy into their local churches.  They don’t financially support the institution, nor are they willing to volunteer to run the programs.  As in most cases, ten percent of the congregation do ninety percent of the work. It sounds cold to talk of the church as though it is a commercial venture, but the fact of the matter is that most people attend church as consumers. […]

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Why I Loved Working For My Dad

Over the past five years, I had the remarkable privilege of working for my father. As a child, I had great reverence for his work. Although his pastoral work made it seem he invested more time in other families, I could never stay upset for long. I was struck by the thought that my dad was a somebody. When we lived in Scotland, he was local celebrity.  He had been on radio and television and had taken the stage before arenas packed with thousands.  It wasn’t uncommon for us to be stopped in the street by a young person he had inspired.  Atop his shoulders, I would impatiently tug at tufts of his hair– which is why I’m convinced he’s balding now – eager to disappear from the star-struck teenagers. My dad really was a somebody.  He was generally regarded as an expert in his field, and received the praise – if not pay – as such. When we moved to the anonymity of the U.S., I never forgot how incredibly gifted my dad was and is. […]

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