2 Years

“This complicates my plans,” Andrew explained to me as he finished putting the spare tire on my car.  “I was going to stop and get you a card and flowers on the way home.”

And then I realized: it was the night before our anniversary and I had forgotten to get him a card.

Instead of getting Andrew a card – despite being in no fewer than three stores that sold cards – I had spent my last,  blissfully child-free afternoon before our anniversary running around, collecting bits and bobs for a bridal shower gift.  Somewhere between the stress of trying to cram a zillion errands into one afternoon and dealing with a fussy baby, who was cutting 6 teeth at once, I had forgotten to get Andrew a card.  Which is so unlike me. Because I love cards.  All that Hallmark crap really gives me all the feels. The more obnoxiously oozy […]

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One Year

Monday was our first wedding anniversary.

We both took the day off work and celebrated by pampering ourselves with a couple’s massage at Aru Spa (thank you, extended medical benefits plan), had lunch at the golf course where we hosted our wedding reception, saw The Fast and the Furious 6, and finished with dinner at Chop.

The past year has been a whirl-wind adventure. I feel so blessed to have Andrew as my partner in crime. Here are the highlights:


We tied the knot:


We honeymooned in Mexico:


We swam with dolphins:


We settled into life together:


We tried some new looks, but they didn’t stick:



We hosted our first family Thanksgiving:



Andrew took me to his family’s lake house for the first time:


I started a new job in this awesome historic building:


We got a huge surprise:


We decorated a Canucks-inspired Christmas tree – all blues and greens.


We saw our baby for the first time:


We learned that baby Janzen is a […]

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Our whirlwind romance flourished into a new, exciting engagement in just 5 months – an engagement which dragged on for a painful 14 months. And then, on the most perfect day this May, McDreamy and I tied the knot.

The wedding day passed so quickly, I don’t think I truly appreciated the day until I sat and looked through the pictures for the first time.  We floated through the day, buzzed on surreality, overwhelmed with emotions. At the end of the day, after we had climbed into our getaway car, it hit me that I would never go home alone again.  Goodnight no longer meant a long, lonely drive or hesitant moments before finally hanging up the phone.  I would start and end every day with my McDreamy.

I don’t think anything truly prepares you for what it means to be a Mrs.  You can read every book, attend counseling sessions, get […]

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Love Is A Heart-Shaped Pizza

I don’t like Valentine’s Day. But I do love Hallmark cards. There’s something lovely and tangible about giving and receiving cards. In an increasingly digital world, it’s nice that I have something I can have and hold that tells me how McDreamy feels. Texts and emails are far too fleeting. So we agreed to exchange cards and spend the evening together. We did not follow through on our plan to make others acutely aware of their single status. Instead, we snuggled up on the couch with a heart-shaped pizza and I gave McDreamy an introduction to the rom-com dream team that is Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks. We watched You’ve Got Mail.

The little things count in relationships.  The companionable silence. Taking turns at fetching beverages from the fridge. Convincing the other person that the movie was his choice.  As the Peanuts card I gave to McDreamy says,
Love is the warm feeling […]

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You’re Really Growing On Me

After dinner with the witty, blue-eyed chap, he indulged my morbid curiosity and took me the BodyWorlds exhibit at Science World. Together we lingered around the plastinated deceased, considering life and death and how on earth they created Drawer Man. He was not deterred by my dark and twisty side, which gloried in the company of the cadavers, so we went out again. And again. And so on.

Quite quickly we navigated the no-man’s land of casual dating and the nervous volleys of phone calls and texts fired from the trenches; we made our relationship facebook official. This was followed by several reenactments of Meet the Parents during a marathon weekend of birthday celebrations (his, not mine). After rave reviews from all three sets of parents, my nerves were considerably calmed and we have settled into something I’m reticent to call a serious relationship. Because serious is such a dreadful word – serious […]

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Blue Eyes & Witty Quips

With exception to a minor detour via the Jersey Shore (major guido!) I’ve been single for three years. I’ve been on a handful of dates in that time, the result of which was a collection of unbelievable stories (no really, you wouldn’t believe them if I told them to you!) and a firm conviction that getting a latte and manicure by oneself is the most lovely way to spend an afternoon.  I had become perfectly content with being single. However, I recently met someone who isn’t at all content with the idea of my single lady status, and he seems set on changing this. So I’ve started dating again.

I hate dating.  I hate lingering in the no-man’s land between interest and relationship. I hate panicking about what I’m going to wear. I hate feeling my stomach drop because I catch myself about to leave the house with the price tag […]

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