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A Song I Still Kind Of Hate. And A Truth I’d Like To Ignore.

During my first year of college, I hung out with a guy who put the Rolling Stones on every mix tape. I love the Stones as much as the next girl – probably a tad more, but there was one song that always stuck in my throat: “You Can’t Always Get What You Want.”
No, you can’t always get what you want
You can’t always get what you want
You can’t always get what you want
But if you try sometime you find
You get what you need
I’d hear the opening of the song – a choral arrangement of child vocal hell – and cringe. Because I was about to get bombarded with a hard truth – one I still struggle to swallow: you can’t always get what you want.

We’re bombarded with this lie that we can do anything we put our minds to.  If we just try hard enough, if we do all the right things […]

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Working From Home Is Easy. And Other Misconceptions.

Last week, I took M to the office on a work-from-home day.  I needed to grab a few things and check in with a couple of coworkers because I had called in sick the previous day. I set-up M at my desk with our tablet, and I remarkably managed to get some work done.

“It must be so easy to work from home,” My coworker said.  She glanced over my shoulder at my silent, angelic child, who sat at my desk watching Yo Gabba Gabba and pretending to type on an unplugged keyboard.

Words cannot express the 5 million visceral, animalistic gut reactions I had to suppress. I’m pretty sure she thought I gagged. There was some full-body spasm that escaped me – I guarantee it. I was lost somewhere between hysterical laughter and the tears of defeat.  Nothing about working from home is easy.  Nothing.  And obviously my coworker was unaware that this […]

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Toddler Trouble

Today was one of those days.

Miss M had us up until 2 am. Then I went into a manic frenzy ripping the house apart looking for my fitbit charger, which she had taken and stashed with my makeup.  And I felt like I was just getting to sleep when she decided to wake up and yell, “I know! I know! I know!” At 4 am.

A quick aside about that one… When M was a tiny baby and she was gassy or colicky or unsettled, I’d talk to her and reassure her, “I know! I know! You tell mama all about it!”  Wrong.  Move.  Now, she thinks this is some sort of complaint that can be yelled at the top of her lungs whenever something isn’t perfect.  Like when she has two shoes on, but only wants to wear one.  Or when she tells us she wants to watch the “bees!” on the […]

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Mackenzie’s First Birthday!

Today we celebrated Mackenzie’s first birthday.  It seems impossible that a year has gone by since she was born.  It feels like no time has passed since that gorgeous, sun-shiny July day exactly one year ago.

When Andrew and I got married, he adopted my family’s dessert-for-breakfast-on-birthdays tradition.  He loves desserts, so it wasn’t hard to convince him that cupcakes for breakfast is a fantastic way to start a birthday. Since then, we haven’t had a single birthday at Chez Janzen without a sickeningly sweet dessert. Today was no exception. We kicked-off birthday festivities with presents and cupcakes. M is a good eater, but she has very particular taste. I don’t give her a lot of sweets or processed food, so she didn’t love the cupcakes. She had several bites, but I think she found them too sweet.

Mackenzie’s love for animals is becoming increasingly marked. We celebrated by taking her to the […]

24 Stateside • World’s. Longest. Vacation.

This weekend, we journeyed stateside for a mini vacation.  A childhood friend tied the knot, and we were privileged to witness her exchange vows with her husband and celebrate with them as they began their life as Mr. and Mrs. Adams.   After we left the wedding, things went awry…
Here’s a confession: I love being on vacation. But I hate going  on vacation. I really, really suck at going on vacation. Just ask anyone who has ever accompanied me through airport security…

A year ago, taking an overnight trip was only some-what emotionally exhausting. I would over pack. Andrew would complain about how many shoes  I planned to take. I would complain that he intended to wear the same shoes with a suit and with shorts the next day (the shoes that don’t match either!).  Andrew would roll his eyes at how much I would fit into my two bags for a weekend. I would sneak extra things […]

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Workplace Bullying


On Tuesday, Andrew complained that he had to spend over an hour in a mandatory Worksafe BC seminar about workplace bullying.  Apparently, every workplace in BC has to put a workplace bullying plan in to effect. Ya know, so that when the kids all gang up on you at lunch, there’s someone to tattle to.  This involves spending billable hours (on the company’s dime!) in the aforementioned seminar.

Andrew works as a software developer. Most of the people he works with are software developers.  Do you really  think that it’s necessary to herd all the software developers into a room to tell them not to bully each other?

Apparently, Big City Church, where I work, is also mandated to hold one of these seminars at some point. Because there is such a systematic problem with Pastors bullying each other?

More importantly, since when is it necessary to herd grown adults into a room to […]

Back to Work

Once I parked my car in a gravel lot, just as it started to rain. Once it had rained for a while, a critical eye might have noticed the lot was a bit a lot more mud than gravel. I didn’t notice until I got in my car and tried to back out. I had a horrifying moment, when I realized I had been stuck.  My tires spun for a moment, then I got traction and was hurled back into motion. Funny how it wasn’t until that violent jolt, finally gaining traction and momentum, that I fully understood that I had been stuck.

Going back to work has made me realize that I was a bit stuck. Depressed? Blue? A slight bout of postpartum? Who knows. In any case, going back to work has been like that violent, pivotal moment that my tires got traction and I started moving again. Oh my gosh, I was […]

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11 Months


We’re quickly approaching the conclusion of M’s first year. June was a month of many milestones, so we’ve been a bit too busy to post an update. By we, I mean Mackenzie and me. Because she has barely given me a moment of rest with her busyness. And I went back to work three weeks ago.

The biggest milestone we’ve hit is walking. With confidence.  I’m cheating a little because it has only been in the past 3 or 4 days that she has felt confident enough to stand in the middle of a room to walk to whatever she wants, without hovering near furniture or grasping for someone’s hand. However, for the past few weeks, she’s been content to toddle along, holding on to only a pinky for balance.  She’s been to the aquarium twice since my last update, and both times she’s walked most of it with only a hand […]

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On Why I No Longer Like Grocery Shopping

Once, in the foggy, outer realms of my memory, I seem to recall that I liked grocery shopping. I could spend an hour picking up a few things, wandering the aisles, amazed at all the wonderful things we have created for ourselves.  (Who knew there were multiple sizes of melon ballers?  Fabreeze garbage bags? Can you believe it? And dryer balls!  Do those things actually work?)

Now, I sort of hate grocery shopping. Just a little bit.  Mostly, I just find it infuriating to actually get inside the store.

First, I need to get Kenzie into the stroller, squeeze us into the elevator, awkwardly lean over the stroller to push the elevator buttons, squeeze out of the elevator, and try not to look to awkward doing so.  Getting her out of the stroller exhilarates her; she can almost taste the freedom. And then, immediately putting her in the carseat incites just a little […]

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One Last Pinterest Project

My maternity leave was not at all what I imagined.  I thought it would entail sitting around, drinking lattes, and doing picture perfect Pinterest projects in an immaculate house. I see now that this was entirely unrealistic. Until this week, I think I had done a grand total of 2 craft projects during the past year.  If you count pealing the labels off my wine bottles to add them to my wine journal. I’m going back to work in 3 weeks (more about that another time), and figured I had just enough time to do my third and final Pinterest-worthy craft project before I begin to juggle even more.

My sister-in-love, Carmen is getting married in October and our cousin, J, is heading back to the mission field in the next month or two. J and Carmen have always been close, so J wanted to host the family bridal shower, as she […]

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